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Drive productivity and profitability with our three core services

Job Board Recruiting

Our recruiters screen candidates from job board searches (CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice, or sector-specific), as well as responses to job postings and internal database searches. Our recruiters will screen each candidate over the phone to make sure they are still available, learn more about their search, and determine whether they are open to your particular opportunity. Once we have an interested screened candidate, we can then either pass their information to a recruiter in your office or schedule the candidate for a phone or in-person interview, depending on your process.

Case Study

PSG supports a $500M* staffing company on a range of VMS job orders. PSG recruiters have similar placement and gross margin results as compared to local client recruiters, but a 70% lower fully loaded cost.

PSG recruiters have similar results…

…but dramatically lower costs.

This combination of similar results for less than half the cost allows our client to profitably service a broader range of VMS accounts and job orders


Completely tailored to each client’s needs, our researchers source active and passive candidates who meet specific criteria such as skill set, experience, and geography for either a job order or a specific profile (pipelining).

For active candidates we’ll search free and fee based job boards for resumes and provide a screened set of candidates for your review. For passive candidates we’ll perform deep web research to find candidates who are not actively looking and deliver their name, company, title, and contact information. We may also find resumes that are not posted on job boards through passive searching.

Case Study

PSG’s client, a top 10 staffing company, was looking to increase the productivity of their recruiters by reducing the amount of time they need to spend sourcing so they can spend more time talking to and placing candidates.

The client and PSG talked through the client’s sourcing process and integrated a core team of PSG sourcers into the client business process flow, including access to and usage of their ATS solution. Here are the results:

  • Recruiters using the service averaged 50% more placements per month
  • For each $1 spent on PSG the client averages $4 in gross margin from placements

Administrative Support

Our Administrative Support team can handle a variety of tasks for your organization including application processing, reporting, sales lead generation, candidate servicing, reference checks, reporting, etc.

While we can’t support all administrative type tasks, if you have internal teams that spend their days completing work that is largely computer and/or phone based, there is a good chance we’ll be able to help. Since this work is more customized than our other services, we’ll work closely with you during implementation to establish and refine the process.

Case Study

PSG’s client, a Top 10 staffing company, was looking for ways to reduce SG&A to cope with compressed gross margins across several divisions. The client believed there were savings opportunities within its shared services group. The client and PSG talked through the client’s support structure/organization, and identified specific tasks that PSG could take over.

Based on that assessment, PSG completes a range of administrative functions in support of their recruiting process. Here are the results:

  • Cost to complete work reduced by -45%, saving the company over $700K annually.
  • Performance on all key metrics improved versus historical

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