PSG Global Solutions

Offshore Recruiting Services

Remote Connectivity Options

Remote Desktop

Most applicant tracking systems are accessible over the internet; in instances where that is not the case, we utilize Microsoft’s Remote Desktop software to access a client’s ATS. A Remote Desktop setup allows PSG to access computers and systems at your site, according to the permissions you grant. Accordingly, data and software are secure.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

If your company has a pre-configured VPN or Virtual Private Network, this may be the best option for you. VPN allows a remote user to log in through the Internet as if the remote computer were plugged into the local network accordingly data and software are secure.


All employees are assigned an always-on email account for quick, convenient communication of messages and smaller file attachments. We can also set your recruiters up with instant messaging if appropriate.


FTP is a tried-and true method for uploading and downloading large files through the Internet. PSG can set up a dedicated FTP account for your business, which enables you to transfer files that are too large or too numerous to be emailed.

Employee Security

Whether work is being performed in your office, across the street, or across the Pacific, data security is a critical issue for any business. Our employees are all experienced professionals, and take their responsibilities to you and your customers very seriously. To ensure the safest environment possible for your data, however, we utilize the following security procedures:

  • All employees sign legally binding confidentiality and non-disclosure contracts.
  • All employees have extensive background checks completed on a local, regional and national level.
  • No unauthorized material can leave the premises.
  • Where necessary, workstations are set up with disabled media such as USB/flash drives and print functionality.
  • Access to the internet is restricted when necessary.
  • We provide privacy, security, and confidentiality awareness training to our entire workforce.

Physical Security

We conduct all data transfers – including internal email – using only secured networking and Internet protocols.

Using remote desktop access means data never leaves your server or your control; in fact you set the security levels. We view your data but cannot copy or download it.

Any retrieved data storage is stored directly on secure servers, protected with 128 bit encryption.

Data is continually synchronized via secured Virtual Private Network connection between servers at different locations for maximum data redundancy.

Disaster Recovery

Our offshore locations have the most up to date data and systems recovery processes available. Your information and investment will be protected by:

  • Multiple telecommunications providers
  • Back-up power generators
  • Daily system backups
  • Mirrored servers in the United States