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Our Results

  • Our client-focused and metrics driven approach has helped us achieve a net promoter score of 77% (% Promoter – % Detractor), in the same range as leaders like Apple and Amazon.
  • Last year, PSG delivered over $1M of incremental revenue/savings reported by each of our top 5 clients.
  • PSG focuses on hiring and retaining productive and satisfied employees for your programs to ensure high performance. Our most recent employee satisfaction score was 91%.


“By using PSG to complete administrative tasks that we used to do internally, we save more than $600K per year.”
-SVP, $800M staffing company

“The first month our recruiters used PSG research support they grumbled that it was a lot of work to give feedback as the researchers got up to speed. The second month they started to get interviews and the occasional placement, and the grumbling disappeared. By the sixth month I would have had a mutiny on my hands if I tried to take away the PSG researchers.”
-Head of Recruiting, mid-sized recruiting firm

“When we first used PSG the $225K my division is saving each year was a pleasant upside to my profitability. With margins shrinking due to client pressure an the economy, today there is no way I could hit my budget without the help of PSG.”
-Division Head, $1B staffing company

“I always thought the only reason to use PSG was to save money. While that’s certainly the case, I actually now get a bigger benefit from not having to deal with the management headaches of finding, managing, and replacing lower level staff. All those extra hours are hours my management team and I can instead spend on growing our business.”
-President, $150M staffing company

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