PSG Global Solutions

Offshore Recruiting Services

Better Candidates

We have several decades of experience managing staffing and recruiting businesses. Our team builds upon this experience to source great candidates, accurately match those candidates against client requirements, complete pre-assessments that go beyond merely checking boxes, and consistently provide strong candidate and client management.

Cost Savings

We are able to provide our services at a significant discount to US-based offerings, while at the same time staffing your account with skilled staff recruiters, all of whom have college degrees from top universities in the Philippines. On average, our clients save between 30-60% compared to the cost of doing the same work internally.

Retention and Loyalty

We staff our offices in the Philippines with talented recruitment professionals who know and enjoy the recruiting process. This motivated and dedicated workforce, combined with our strong belief in investing in employee development, results in a higher retention rate than other outsourcers, as well as the recruiting operations of most US staffing companies.

Flexibility: No Long-term Commitment

Unlike traditional employee relationships, you eliminate hiring and termination costs, giving you the flexibility to quickly add or remove resources, depending on your business needs.

Improved Resource Utilization

The PSG team can take on your more basic recruiting and support tasks, allowing your experienced internal team to focus on higher level work. That way you don’t have high priced staff spending time on junior level work.

Experience and Infrastructure

Our recruiting centers have the people, process, and infrastructure in place to improve the results of your recruiting operation. We draw upon years of recruiting and staffing industry experience to deliver a high quality recruiting result for your business.